Introduction: 0G Planter

Hello my name is Wyatt I am a freshman at South Range High School.

This is a zero gravity planter. It rotates to make gravity. I created this in TinkerCad at 1/5th scale.


1) 3D Printer

2) Mirrors

3) Wheel bearings

4) Dirt

5) seeds

6) motor and gears.

Step 1: Planting Seeds

The soil goes in between the dividers. The seeds will be placed in the soil and will grow towards the center of the disc.

Step 2: Why Spin the Seeds

Spinning the planter will cause a gravity like effect. Since seeds want to grow against gravity. The spinning will create a gravity like force. The seed will spout and grow to the center of the disc. Then turn to grow up to the light at the top of the box. mirrors on sides will reflex light to the plants.

The planter sits on a bearing like a roller skate wheel. The motor spins it at enough speed to put force on the seed equal to earth's gravity.

Step 3: Watering

The water will travel through center of bearing into pipes to each compartment. If water was sprayed with 0 gravity it would float around and not all plants would be watered and it would block light.

Water tanks can be stored in the empty corners under the mirrors.

Step 4: The Whole Design

The motor spins the seeds. The mirrors (in green) reflect the light. The seed grow to the center then up towards the light at the top (yellow). the mirrors reflect the light under the main leaves making the plants produce more food.

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