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Today I am back with another project called $1 AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER.

It’s an automatic switching circuit that used to control an AC water pump. Operation of this circuit is simple.wen the water level goes below the limit the lower level sensor will detect it and activate the water pump.wen the water level reaches the upper limit the upper limit sensor detect it and switch of the water pump.

Step 1: My Goal

“To make a cheap but efficient water level controller under $1 budget to control AC water pump”

Step 2: The Circuit

This is the driving circuit of the $1 AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER.

To make this circuit you will need

  1. BC 547 Transistor X 3 = 9 INR
  2. 220 K Ohm & 5.4 K Ohm resistors = 1
  3. 1N4007 Diode = 1
  4. 12V relay = 12
  5. One, 3-pin PCD connector & two, 2-Pin PCB connector = 25
  6. Wires = 5
  7. PCB = 12

Total = 66 INR

Total cost of this circuit is equals to 66Rs or 66INR (66.6 INR = 1 USD).that means this circuit is under the $1 budget

12v relay is the main component of this circuit, so please use a relay with 7Amp or more. I am using a 12v can handle 7 Amp AC @240v.

Step 3: The Sensor

To make sensor you don’t need anything special. Take three wires and name them like LOW, HIGH AND MAIN. Place “MAIN” on the bottom of the tank. Then place “LOW” above the outlet. Finally place “HIGH” on the top of the water tank

[ ~~~~~~~~~~~~] -------------------------------------- “HIGH”

[~~~WATER~~~ ]

[ ~~ TANK ~~~~~]

[~~~~~~~~~~~~ ]

[~~~~~~~~~~~~ ]--------------------------------------- “LOW”

[______________]--------------------------------------- “MAIN”

This is the placing order of the sensors

Step 4: ​Connect Them All

Connect all wires to the main circuit board with help of circuit diagram. Double check all connections because playing with high voltage is DANGER

Step 5: The Moment of Truth

This video show how $1 AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER work

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