Introduction: $1 Lamp Made From Trash !

Made form trash and a complete diy project!

Step 1: Gather All the Materials You Will Need.

To make the lamp we will have to go through 3 major steps

So to make the first part of the lamp which is the outer case you'll need :

1. extra fabric (from your old t-shirt, curtain, table cloth ) - about 2 feet by 1 feet

2. a soda can

3. strong pair of scissors or box cutter

4. fabric glue/ hot glue/ thread or needle

To make the light source which will be a small oil lamp you will need :

1. dough(made from extra flour in your kitchen) or clay/sculpy

2. cotton balls

3. vegetable oil or any cooking oil or any nut oil you may want to use

For the last part which is a diffuser you will need

1. a wine bottle

2. thread

3. acetone/ nail polish remover

4. a bucket full of cold water

5. and for safety , heat protecting gloves

Step 2: To Make the Outer Case of the Lamp.

1. clean and cut open the soda can neatly by beginning to cut near the opening of the can in a straight line to the base of the can. Also do cut out the circular parts at the top and the bottom to obtain a flat sheet of aluminum.

2. cut according to the base of the wine bottle

3. cut a strip of aluminum about and inch and a half in breadth and the length same as the circumference of the wine bottle you're using

4. attach the the rectangular piece around the circumference of the circle using glue so that it looks like an open faced cylinder

5. cut 14 1cm thick strips from the cloth you have

6. place 5 strips of the cloth vertically on a table / work surface

7. weave 5 horizontal strands of cloth through the vertical ones like mentioned in the video

8. keep going in circles with the weaving until you reach the end of your mold made from the soda can

Step 3: Making the Light Source - the Oil Lamp

To make the oil lamp:

1. take a small plum size amount of sculpy or dough made from flour

2. after kneading a forming a sphere with the dough , press your figure in to make a hole and shape it with your hands until you get what is similar to an oil lamp shown in the picture

3. using some cotton balls to make a wick , (stretch out a piece of cot's shape retains cotton ball in your hand and roll it in your palms so that it retains it's shape)

Step 4: Making the Diffuser

To make the diffuser you would have to cut the wine bottle. cut the bottle at the base of the nect and about halfway through the bottle to get a bell jar like shape. the instructions to the glass at home are linked in a video tutorial

Step 5: Final Step!

Assemble all parts together!

1.First add oil to lamp then light up the wick with a lighter. the oil lamp in the fabric/metal sleeve

3. place the glass diffuser in the fabric metal sleeve