Introduction: 10 Dollar Bath (bath in a Box / Travel Bath)

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This bath is both easy as strong as cheap. And it will take only 5 minutes to make. We use it for our 3 kids when they shower, so then can play long after the shower is turned off.

I tried two different places for the bath stop. Both work perfect. Only the one at the side of the bath is easier to push out by the kids.

This will also be perfect for creating a bath out of a box. So you can take a baby bath with you AND a box full of stuff. Life hack there 😉


mortar tub (we used 60L Length 73 x Width 40 x Height 30 cm)
speed drill (18mm)
bath plug (size 20mm is common)

Step 1: Drill a Hole

Clean the tub.
Dril a hole. (both side as bottom works!)
Sand the hole.
Put the plug in the hole.
Test it.