Introduction: 10 Rubber Bands Pencil Shooter

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Hello Instructables! How I have missed you.

Get ready to secure your location with this cool 10 rubber bands pencil shooter. I'll show you how to make a single and a double shooter as well. Easy to make and super fun to shoot.

The DIY video is below. Make each rubber band bullet count!

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Step 1: Single Rubber Band Shooter

You will need:

1 clothespin

1 pencil

3 rubber bands

1. Secure clothespin towards the eraser end of the pencil using 2 rubber bands. When looping the rubber bands on, make sure to twist each time.

2. Open the mouth of the clothespin and secure 1 rubber band to the tip of the pencil.

3. Shoot!

Step 2: Double Rubber Band Shooter

You will Need:

2 clothespins

1 pencil

3 rubber bands

1. Use 2 rubber bands to secure 2 clothespins on the pencil. The clothespin should be opposite of each other on the pencil.

2. Attach rubber bands as bullet and shoot. Remember to shoot the rubber band that you loaded last first.

Step 3: 10 Plus Bonus Rubber Band Shooter/ Gun

You Need:

a bunch of pencils (29 plus 20)

a bunch of clothespin (10)

a bunch of rubber bands

1. Tie 27-29 pencils together using 2 rubber bands to secure.

2. Make 10 single shooters with 2 pencils as the base (versus 1 in the single shooter).

3. Use rubber bands to secure the single shooters onto the bunch of pencils. The rubber bands should be higher on the pencil bunch. The pencil bunch is designed to be held when shooting off the clothespin.

4. Load your rubber band bullets and have fun shooting.

*If you watch the video, you'll know that the bonus was an added clothespin which resulted in 11 total bullets!

Remember, play nice and don't shoot people or animals. Rubber bands hurt!

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