Introduction: 10 Things to Do in Far Cry 3 After You Beat the Game.

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I love Far Cry 3, it's such a fun game, the open world, hunting, unlimited gunplay, it's all so great.

I rarely go back to play a game after I beat it, but Far Cry always had me coming back again, so here's a list of fun things to do when the main storyline is done.

In anticipation for Far Cry 4, I decided to make this list, taking a look back at all the great things of Far Cry 3.

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Various YouTubers (I used Google Images, sorry.)

Step 1: See How Far You Can Glide Using Your Wingsuit.

One of my favorites is to go up a high mountain or radio tower and wingsuit off.

If you look it up on YouTube, you can see videos of people gliding from one island to the next using the wingsuit.

Step 2: Dead Cry.

Sorry console gamers, this one is for the pc.

Dead Cry is a mod for Far Cry 3 that uses the map editor and turns it into a zombie infested battle ground.

Step 3: Say Hi to the Internet Achievement.

This one is really fun, go to the coordinates X: 620.5, Y: 557.7 and look around the shore to find the head and bloody knife of a certain video game cover I love.

This refers to the Machinima "Far Cry Experience" where Christopher Mintz-Plasse was buried in the sand.

Step 4: The Map Editor.

My favorite.

Use the map editor and make some really cool maps to play by yourself or with your friends.

Use your imagination and create something truly amazing.

Me and my friends like to make 'parkour' maps.
Far Cry 3 Custom Map Fun #10: Death Course, Parkour Town, and Jump Run By LEEZ0NE.

Step 5: Hang Glide.

Hang Gliding is a lot of fun.

Try swoop diving into a pirate, or going up as high as you can over water and free-fall off.

Step 6: Finish the Bulletin Boards.

Not much to be said, capture the camps, and you'l unlock bulletin boards, bulletin boards also get you cool rewards.

Step 7: Go Hunting (With a Vehicle).

You see that Tapir way out in the distance, instead of sniping him, why don't you just go turn him into an animal pancake?

Step 8: Complete Your Tatau.

Getting all skills makes you the ultimate baddass.

Step 9: Make a Car Bomb.

Strap a bomb to a car then drive it towards a pirate outpost, bail out, then detonate. You've already cleared out half the camp.

Step 10: Vehicle Surfing.

NPCs drive around, so walk in front of them and when they stop, jump on the car.

Step 11: Thank You!

Thank you for looking at my 10 things to do in Far Cry 3.

See ya!