Introduction: 10 Unusual Uses of Rubber Bands

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A rubber band is a loop of rubber, usually ring shaped, and commonly used to hold multiple objects together. The rubber band was patented in England on March 17, 1845, by Stephen Perry. - Wikipedia

Rubber bands are use to hold multiple objects together right? But, this time I'm gonna show some unusual use of rubber bands based on my own on way how rubber bands are use. From a common use into technical use of rubber bands let's say we can use rubber bands in electronics. Are you ready? But wait, vote this instructable first before you proceed in reading. By voting this instructable, it means a lot to me and it is very helpful to me. Thanks for you support!

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Step 1: Page Turner

You can use rubber bands as page turner to get some good grip when turning a page of a book or magazine or whatever you have in your hands that has page of course lol!

I am reading a tagalog translation of "Awake." A Jehova's witnesses magazine (which is my favorite magazine).

Anyway, yeah! If you're having trouble in getting a good grip on the page, all you have to do is to wrap a rubber band around your finger as I illustrated in the picture. Go to the next unusual use of rubber bands and also wear a smile while reading this! Go go go!

Step 2: Bookmark

How cool is rubber band? Well, for me it is super cool and very reliable household item. You can use a rubber band as your bookmark! Oh, really!? Alright, As I illustrated in my picture just slide a rubber band over the page you're reading on and you can pick up right where you left off later. If you need a quick bookmark of your favorite story or topic just use the mighty elastic thingy rubber band! It will save you!

The book in the illustration is a book from Jehovah's witnesses. The book is all about being a teenager. I am reading this because of lesson, knowledge and good moral of being responsible teenager.

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Step 3: Pencil/Pen Grip

This is applicable to both pencil and pen (ballpoint pen). Writing without a good grip is not easy and might cause a poor penmanship. In my illustration, I am using a ballpoint pen without a rubber grip (common ballpen in my country and also my favorite pen) so sometimes it is hard to get a grip while writing. So, what is the solution? Well of course a Rubber Band!

You can use rubber band as your pen grip. How? Just wrap the rubber band around the pen as you can see in my illustration. Then try to write in a sheet of paper and your hands will thank you!

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Step 4: Remote Control Protector

Did you know that a rubber band can be your super hero? (Not literal bro! Don't expect too much because it will hurt you in the end. Lol) But seriously, a rubber band can be a protector! Sadly, not a human protector! Hahaha... instead a TV Remote Controller Protector!!! (some creepy heavy smoke enter from somewhere)

Have you ever accidentally (sometimes intentionally for no reason) dropped your TV remote control or what ever remote control you have on the floor? If yes, it means.... hmmmm.. (butterflies flying around me) nothing don't mind it Hehehe. So again, If yes, probably the batteries of your remote control dropped out because of the impact.

For me I dont want it to happen again because it is hard to find a spare remote control for my TV if something broken in the core parts of my remote. So I found a solution! (Even my friend suggest this solution).

The solution is.... yeah common sense buddy! The subject in this instructable is Rubber Band so the solution is rubber band!

To add some shock proof feature in your remote control just wrap some rubber bands on it, see the picture for your guide.

Try to drop it and your remote will thank you! Hahaha check out the next use of rubber band!

Step 5: Drink Marker

Mark your drink! It is hard to track which is your drink if it is getting mixed up with other drinks. The most hardest part is where all of the containers (might be bottle, tumbler, or drinking glass) are in the same design or color. So, if you want to keep track of your drink just slide a colored rubber band on it and remember it! Never drink again to a wrong drinking container or glass from someone out there or up there!

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Step 6: Cable/Wire Organizer

As electronics enthusiast, wires and cables are my nemesis when it comes in organization of my stuffs. I'm not sure what to do with them because they are so hard to store without using rubber bands!

Rubber bands are very reliable in this case. I am always use rubber bands as my cables and wires organizer. Just bunch them and wrap a rubber band around them to shorten them for easier, less space, and neater organization.

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Step 7: Lid Gripper

Have you ever tried to open a hard-to-grip-and-twist lids? Did you know that, if you use a rubber band to add a grip to your lid, it should be easy to twist and open because rubber bands are great source of friction for our skin.

If you encounter again a lid jar that is hard-to-grip-and-twist. Just look for a rubber band and wrap it around the rim of a lid of a jar. Then open it by twisting it carefully.

Step 8: Stripped Screw Remover

I always encounter a stripped screw when fixing electronic devices such as old radios, calculator or even an old electric fan. They are usually secured by a screw which is very hard to twist and as result of having a poor screw driver you will end up with stripped screw. For me this is a nightmare!

Why nightmare? (besides being awake while fixing those devices) Well, because it is nearly impossible (sometimes impossible tsk) to remove a screw once it's been stripped!

With the help of our friend rubber band, we are able to easily remove those nightmare screws out there. How rubber bands will help us to remove stripped screws?

First, by using rubber bands it fills the gap in the screws and add a little grip between screw and it's driver. Just place the rubber band over the screw and twist it away!

Remember! Don't throw away your screw driver that one is dangerous! Keep safe lol!

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Step 9: Screw Driver Grip

If you look to my picture! You will see the difference between the two screw drivers. (One of them has rust?) No! Not the rusty thing! Look! Did you notice? There is a rubber band wrapped in the yellow-black colored screw driver. Those rubber bands are use to make my screw driver looks beautiful, lol that's joke! Hahahaha!

The real reason is the yellow-black screwdriver has no grip and it is not easy to twist if you have no good grip. Unlike to the changeble bit screwdriver (the red one), it has a rubber grip around it.

To add little grip to your screw driver just wrap a rubber band around the handle of it and twist all the screws on the way!

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Step 10: Battery Holder

Do you have a lithium battery? But you don't have a lithium battery holder? Well, that's a very sad story... don't cry. I am here to help you out of this lol! Hahaha....

Check out my instructable on how to make a temporary battery holder for your lithium battery just using only a piece of rubber band.

Lithium Battery Holder using Rubber Bands

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