Introduction: 10 Year Led Flasher (Version 2 With Boost Converter)

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This LED flasher will blink for 10 years on a single 1.5v AA cell. My previous circuit used a blocking oscillator to generate the Vdd voltage for IC1. This circuit relies on a BOOST CONVERTER configuration (inductor-diode-capacitor) . Output voltage is high enough to drive at least 5 leds series-connected.

Step 1: 10 Year LED Flasher (V.2) at Work

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Astable (flash Rate)

Step 4: Monostable (pulse Width)

Step 5: Transformer

Step 6: Boost Converter

Step 7: T1 Secondary

Step 8: Start-up

Step 9: Managing Energy

Step 10: Current Drain

Step 11: For More Details and Waveforms, Watch Video

Step 12: