Introduction: 100 W Led Light

mounted in a power supply box, equipped with a fan controlled by a heat sensor controller

Step 1: Mounted

magnifying glass was polished with sandpaper on the back for better focus

Step 2: Easy Open

making it easily removable screws on the edge to be able to change / charge batteries

the future I will mount a power socket

Step 3: Parts

1.server power supply box (thanks to my colleges to provide me this box)

2. CPU cooler from scrap desktop

3. fan from scrap power supply

4. old laptop battery

5. 150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V Step Up - 3$ from eBay

6. PCB thermostat with relay - 4$ from eBay

7. 100W led from eBay - 3 $

8. lens reflector - 2$ from eBay

Step 4: Heat Senzor

end sensor is mounted radiator, set me to start fan at 50 degrees

Step 5: Heat Controler

how heat detector works

Step 6: Ventilation

We added the right holes in the radiator because it is not cool quickly enough

Step 7: Additional Functions

Besides I added a battery charge socket and plug the power supply from another source

Step 8: Handle

I used a handle for furniture, stiff enough to support all consolidated overview