Introduction: 11 Traveling Hacks & Tips

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Hey everyone, for this instructable I am going to give y'all 11 great travel hacks & tips. you may or may not already know them, but I hope they help make your traveling easier & more relaxed. Thanks for reading.

Step 1: Fragile (or Is It?)

When traveling by plane place fragile stickers all over your suitcase even if it is not fragile. That will keep it from being banged up to much.

Step 2: Souvenir List

When traveling souvenirs can be a high expense, my tip for you is to make a list of souvenirs you wish to purchase, and stick to that list as much as possible. I know as well as the next person that all those souvenirs look very tempting.

Step 3: Keep Necklaces Untangled

Keeping jewelry untangled can be a challenge, But nevermore with these 2 simple tricks.

#1 Use a straw: unlatch one end of your necklace and thread it through the straw. Then latch it again.

#2 Plastic wrap: Pull out a sheet of plastic wrap & lay your necklaces on it, about 1 1/2 inches apart. Then fold it over then over again and continue this till it is all folded up. Then fold it the opossite way. (this is my favorite way)

Step 4: Tic Tac Holder

To keep from losing bobby pins in your bag or suitcase place them in a empty tic tac case. (this also works with toothpicks)

Step 5: Razor Head Is Sharp.....OW!

Don't want that to happen? then try this, put a binder clip in the end of your razor and when transporting it so you won't get hurt. (also so it does not snag on anything in your bag)

Step 6: No More in Bag Spills

Don't you just hate how when sometimes you arrive at your destination and open your bag just to realize that your shampoo or conditioner got opened during the journey and spilled all over your suitcase and stuff? Well nevermore with this handy trick. Before you pack your shampoo and conditioner bottles consider doing this, grab a sheet of plastic wrap, take off the lid for the container, lay the plastic wrap over the top then replace the lid. This will prevent spills.

Step 7: Lip Balm Hiding Spot

If you are traveling your can often become the target for pickpockets and/or thieves, But I can not think of many thieves that would want lip balm. So try this, pull the lip balm out of its container then put your money in it. You can do this by pulling hard on the part in the bottom (that you twist) it should come out. Then I used a knife to push out the lip balm. Replace the bottom part by giving it a push. Then you can put your money or other small valuables in it.

Step 8: Earring Holder

I am forever losing just one of my earrings in my suitcase and backpack. Well with this trick never again. The trick is.......................... Use a button. Just slip your earrings into the holes, & you are good to go.

Step 9: Keep Your Toothbrush Sanitary

Don't you hate those bathroom counters in hotels and other places. You never know what is on them. Well now you don't have to place your toothbrush on the dirty counter. All you need is a clothespin or clip. And voila!

Step 10: Bringing Cameras

You probably already know this, but a great way to enjoy your trip and remember it afterwards is to bring a camera. Digital or not, waterproof of not (depending on where you are going)

Step 11: Keep Time

My tip for you is, when going to theme parks & waterparks (really anywhere) it is good to bring a watch (I suggest a waterproof one) so you can keep track of time. So you know what you can do in the time you have. (I find it very annoying to have to ask people every 30 minutes what time it is)

Step 12: That's All Folks

That's all I have for y'all. I hope you enjoyed this instructable & these tips make your travels more enjoyable. Don't forget to vote :)
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