Introduction: 11 Ways to Hide Valuables in Places No Thief Would Ever Think to Look

So today imma show y'all 11 ways to hide valuables no thief would ever think to look.

Step 1: Find a Bad Rubik's Cube

So, first, find a bad Rubik's cube.

Step 2: Take Out One of the Side Pieces.

Take out one of the side pieces.

Step 3: Take Out the Corner Piece.

Step 4: Open the Corner Piece

Step 5: Find Something Small, But Valuable.

I used some earrings.

Step 6: Put It All Back Together...

Et voila! No one but you knows it's there!

Step 7: Find a Remote Control No One Is Using

I used my old drone remote.

Step 8: Unscrew the Cover

Step 9: Put in Some 💵💵💵 Money Money Money 💲💲💲

Step 10: Put It All Back Together...

and pretend nothing happened.

Step 11: Find a Doormat

Step 12: Turn It Over

Step 13: Find a Piece of Cloth the Same Colour As the Bottom of the Rug and Glue It On

Step 14: Put the Key in the Little Pouch, and No One Should See It.

Step 15: Find a Lantern With an Unscrewable Top.

Step 16: Take Off the Top

Step 17: Put Your Valuables In

Step 18: Put It All Back Together and Don't Forget About It.

Step 19: Get a Sharpie

Step 20: Take Out the Top of the Marker, Then the Ink Thing (i Dunno What It's Called)

Step 21: Throw It Out

Step 22: Put the Money In

Step 23: Put the Top Part of the Marker Back On

Step 24: Put the Cap Back on and Pretend Nothing Ever Happened

Step 25: Take a Mask With a Slit for a Filter

Step 26: Open It

Step 27: Put Some Money In, and Put It Somewhere Where You Won't Forget

Step 28: Find an Empty Jar

Step 29: Put a Toilet Paper Cardboard Thing in the Jar and Put Something Around It Like Buckwheat or Rice

Step 30: Find Your Valuables, Put Them in the Carboard Tube.

Step 31: Close the Jar, and Make Sure the Tube Isn't Visible

Step 32: Find a Printer, Open the Tray, and Lift the Paper

Step 33: Put the Money In, Put the Paper Back, Close the Tray, and No One Should Expect Any Money There

Step 34: Find a Box of Rubber Gloves

Step 35: Take One Out and Put Some Valuables In

Step 36: I Also Put a Credit Card In

Step 37: Then Put It Back Like Nothing Happened

Make sure it looks a little messy, not like someone just put it back in.

Step 38: Find Some Picture or Portrait

I used this portrait of Rachmaninoff

Step 39: Take Off the Back Cover and Put the Money in

Step 40: Put the Portrait Back Where It Was (sorry Rachmaninoff, You Have a Different Purpose Today)

Step 41: Find a Matryoshka Doll

Step 42: Open the First Part, and Put in the Money

Step 43: Then Close It

Step 44: That's It! That Was 11 Ways to Hide Valuables Where No Thief Will Ever Think to Look

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