Introduction: 11XX Motor Guard

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After breaking countless 1104 motors during crashes, I decided to design these. Over the past year, these have been the saviors of my motors and my bank account! Stop buying motors in bulk and instead let these 11XX Motor Guards take the abuse! They're incredibly strong and have proven highly effective during testing.

Don't own a 3D printer? No problem, get these motor guards on eBay.

Note: They are compatible with most 1103, 1104, 1105, and 1106 motors though optimized for 1104. If you use 1103 motors, you may need to sand down the top a bit.


None yet!

Step 1: Print Them!

There are two versions of the motor guard. V2 has a slight internal chamfer and .5mm thicker bottom to increase strength and has a hole in the center for easy access to your motor's C clip. I personally prefer V2, but V1 is also great. We suggest that you print these in PLA as it warps less, shrinks less, and generally comes out cleaner looking.

Print settings:

-Rafts: No

-Support: Yes to support the slight overhangs

-Infill: 50-100%

-Shells: 3

-Resolution: it honestly doesn't matter

Step 2: Install Them!

If your frame is 2.5mm thick, you'll need to use M2x6 bolts to screw in these motor guards. If you have having an issue where bolts rattle loose, just add a dot of blue threadlocker to them. If your frame is any other thickness than 2.5mm, adjust bolt length accordingly. Do not screw in bolts that are too long!If a bolt is too long, it will damage the windings on your motor's stator and brick the motor. For your own good, please check that the bolt isn't too long!

For detailed installation information, skip to 23:30 on my Aurora 100 Review and Mod video.

Step 3: Remix It

I designed this on Onshape. If you have a similarly sized motor, you can make a copy of my document and easily change the dimensions for your custom needs. Just look in the folders "Aurora 100 - Mods".