Introduction: 12 Ways to Hold Your Coin-cells

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A collection of different ways to store coin-cell batteries (CR2032). Each step depicts a different method in pictures and there is a link to further documentation where applicable.

Step 1: Lasercut Stretchy Battery Pocket

Step 2: Clothspin Battery Holder

Step 3: Conductive Fabric With Magnet

Step 4: Battery Snap Pouches

Step 5: Igne Oyasi Coin-Cell Holder

Step 6: Paper Cut and Scored Battery Holder

Step 7: Paper Cut and Folded or Inserted Holder

Step 8: Painted, Carved and Screwed

Step 9: Vinylcut Copper, Lasercut Hole, Pressfit

Step 10: Assembled Coin-cell Holder

Step 11: Electricity Has Expensive Taste

Step 12: Sculpted Battery Holders

Step 13: Perfect Fit