Introduction: 123D Cookie Monster Mug With Cookie Holder

Here's a practical, 3d printable mug which holds your cookies and milk. It looks like cookie monster. You can download the files or make it too.

Step 1: Making the Bottom

The easiest way to make is making it in two pieces. In this step we are making the bottom part which holds the cookies.
First of all, you should make a 80mm  and a 70mm three-quarter circle and connect the ends together. Then draw another 80mm circle. Extrude the three-quarter circle with 35mm and the single circle with 10mm.

Step 2: Making the Top Part

The top part is a lot easier. As in the previous step make the 80 and 70mm circles. Extrude the inside cicle with 10mm and the outside with 75mm.

Step 3: Snapping the Parts Together

Now you should snap the pieces together.  You add a torus to the side of the mug. The scale factor has to be about 8. The final resault should look like this.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Select the mug and paint it the color you want to. I added two big and two small spheres as eyeballs.
There's a picture with cookies in the cookie holder.
Now you have finished and hope you liked this tutorial as I did making it. :)

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