Introduction: 123D Laundry Robot

About: I am a 13 year old boy who loves science and technology.
This is the laundry robot I designed on 123D Design application. This robot would help by sorting your dirty clothes, putting your dirty clothes in the washer and dryer and then it would fold and put away your (now clean) clothes. This idea came to me while doing the laundry and thinking of what a boring task it was. I thought of this robot as a solution to the boring and time wasting chore of doing the laundry.

Approx cost: Cost of printing?
Approx time: 3 to 4 hours
Difficulty level: Easy/Medium

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Step 1: Making the Main Body of Robot

First, start out with a square that has dimensions of 40 length by 40 width by 5 height. Next, make a cylinder with a radius of 8 and a height of 60. Snap that on to the top face of the square figure you just made. Now make square that has a length of 20, a width of 120 and a height of 20. Snap the square on to the top of the cylinder. Fillet the vertical edges of the top square with a radius of 5. Then, fillet the vertical edges of the bottom square with a radius of 3. 

Step 2: Making the Camera and Part of the Arm

Start out by making two spheres of with a radius of 10. Next, make a square of length 20, width 20 and height 10. Then, fillet the edges of that square by a radius of 3.  Adjust the back of the camera so that it lines up with the back of the robot. Now make a square of length 30, width 15 and height 15 and fillet the edges by a radius of 5. This is the body camera. Adjust the back of the camera so that it lines up with the back of the robot. Make a cylinder of radius 5 and height of 3. Snap it on the the front of the camera.

Now, make a cylinder of radius 3 and height 2. Snap it on to the front of the previous cylinder. Now make two cylinders of radius 8 and height 30. Snap one cylinder on to each sphere. Fillet the edges of both cylinders by a radius of 5. Now make two spheres of radius 10 and snap them on to both cylinders.

Step 3: Making the Rest of the Arms

Now make two smaller cylinders of radius 6 height 25. Snap both cylinders on to both spheres. Fillet edges of both cylinders by 3. Then, make two spheres of radius 5 and snap them onto each cylinder on the ends of the arms. Next, select the kits and pick on the robot hand R04 and scale it to .05, do this twice and attach each to both spheres. 

Step 4: Making the Laundry Basket and Adding Color

To make the laundry basket you have to create a square of length 60, width 90 and height 60. You can make the laundry basket in front of the robot. Then hollow out the top of the square and fillet all the edges with a radius of 3. Finally add color and materials to make the laundry robot personal to you!

*Note: This robot is not to scale.
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