Introduction: 15 Puzzle 'abri'

I've made a poster abri which was inspired by the famous 15 puzzle or schuifpuzzle(dutch). The idea is that you are able to create different or random views of a single poster. So If you get bored of your poster on the wall, re-organize and give your wall a new dimension!

This product combines new and used materials. MDF and wood for the construction(New), 15 empty cd covers(used).

Step 1: Create MDF Flags in the Same Size As Cd Covers

I've made an illustrator file and drew 15 flags with the same outside half-measures of a cd cover. When you have dropped the illustrator file in the computer(lasercutter) it's time to laser 15 flag parts out of MDF.

Lasercutter settings:
MDF material(5mm)
speed between 1.6 and 2.1
laser-power up to 100

Step 2: Lasercutting Is Finished?

If you are ready it is time to measure everything. Tip: Imitate a 15 puzzle.

Step 3: Combine Cd Cover & MDF Flag

Now make a battery of the cd covers and MDF flag. The cd cover needs to be 15mm away(both height & width) of the underlaying MDF flag.

Step 4: Time for Bizon Kit

Apply adhesive to both parts.

Step 5: Create a Wooden Wireframe(List)

I've made 4 parts of 3200 x 70mm grenen wood. Two parts of 710mm (length) & two parts of 637mm (width).
The four parts need to be connected to each other using wooden plugs. Each side contains two wooden plugs.

The back end of the wireframe needs to have a thin cover with size 570mm x 497mm. This cover keeps all 15 parts together.

Step 6: Build the Puzzle

Prepare the 15 flags/cd covers in the wireframe. As a filling for the left & top covers I've fixed two wooden parts on top of the wireframe.(I also used a standard for positioning it)

Step 7: Cut Out 15 Poster Parts

...Using the lasercutter or knive.

Step 8: Result

 The poster i've used is from the (slavery)project 'Madretsma'.