Introduction: 180 Eachine Falcon: Part 1- PDBoard

  • This tutorial is to help me and others in building the 180 Eachine Falcon. Some items that the original Falcon uses might not be used in the assembly, because i didn't need them, or I found an easier cheaper way of assembly. I will try to follow as close to the original.

Step 1: The 180 Eachine Falcon Frame

This is the frame I purchased from Banngood.

Step 2: Top of PDB Bottom of PDB

Step 3: Smart LED Connector (not Going to Use)

This connector I will not use. It attaches to the bottom of the board and soldered from the top.

Step 4: Smart LED Connector (Not Going to Use)

It is used to connect the Smart LED that Eachine uses.

Step 5: Self-contained Fixed Linear Voltage Regulator Integrated Circuits

These regulators are 12 volt and 5 volt. (last 2 digits show the voltage)

Step 6: Location of Voltage Regulators on PDBoard

Take note of the numbers 5 and 12. Place regulators in their proper place.

Step 7: Move Onto Part 2

Now we are going to move onto the assembly of the Motors to Frame