Introduction: 1940s Bakcpack Copper Sprayer Restoration

This is an old Vermorel type copper backpack sprayer. This tool can be used from farmers to spray flowers, vines and many more.
The copper and brass parts was oxidized, metal parts was rusty and some gaskets was in bad condition.

Step 1: Disassembling

Removing all parts and restoration just started

Step 2: Patina

To remove the patina from small parts I made a diy paste with flour vinegar and salt 1:1:1

For the body I used vinegar and salt

Step 3: Polishing

After cleaning the patina, sanding with 1000 and 2000 water paper and then polishing with a buffing wheel.

Step 4: Painting

Removing the rust from parts and painting with primer and black color.

Step 5: New Parts

Replacing the some parts

Step 6: Assembling

Assembling it again

Step 7: Its Ready


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