Introduction: Homemade Heavy Duty F Clamp With Hex Nut Handle


Solid steel bar 3cm x 8 mm

1 piece 35cm x8mm

2 pieces 17cm x 8 mm

1 piece 12 cm x 8mm

2 pieces 14.5 cm x 8mm

1 piece 9,5 cm x 8mm

2 pieces 2cm x 8mm


1 piece 25cm M16 rod and 9 nuts m16


round rube 25m and 2 pieces 45 mm x 5mm

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

Cut all pieces of solid steel bar

Step 2: Give It Shape

Weld all the pieces step by step as in the video.

Step 3: Nuts

Weld 2 nut in middle solid steel bar.

Step 4: Rod

weld one nut on top of m16 rod and give it round shape. Next cut the pipe and 38 mm x 4 mm round piece and weld it on rod .

Step 5: Handle

Weld 7 nuts or more if you like with spots .

Step 6: Paint

Paint first with primer and the with your favorite color.

Step 7: Its Done

Now you have a heavy duty F clamp.

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