1watt Leds Light With Cooling Fan Using Mobile Charger




Introduction: 1watt Leds Light With Cooling Fan Using Mobile Charger

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In this project i just made a bunch of 10 led of 1watt and join them to make a perfect light and the most great thing is that it works on normal charger...

My work in these videos

Part1 :

Part2 :

Step 1: Required

I will give step by step detail and suggest the problems which i face during making this light required things :-

1. 10 leds of 1 watt with heat sinks
2. Wires
3. Small 5 volt samll cpu graphics card fan
4. Some Creativity

Step 2: LED Arranged

In this project i make all led in parallel .. U also first check the led by connecting in parallel tht these are emitting light enough becoz when i connect in series these are not emit on charger..

First place the leds on heat sinks only and make a structure as u like as shown in picture.
Attach all the heat sinks by a solid paste which get solid after mixing

Now strip the aluminum wire and get the thin wires

Step 3: Connecting Wire

As mentioned that these are in parallel connection so just just make all negative and all positive seperate..

To make perfect tight connectiin just solder at one end than straight the wire to next point and drop a solder flux thats it. if u didnt get any direct path that just turn wire and try to make a path

At last make a connection to any positive or negative and check if all light are glowing or not

Step 4: Attaching Fan

Its a very tricky part must be careful..
important thing to b careful about there must be a space of 5-7mm between heatsink of led and fan. So that a Good airflow will work. I made this by place a mobile battery between them.

By making holes in fan chasis and first tie a thick copper soft wire to the fan chessis and other end to the heat sink by soldering.
Do this process from four sides.

Connect this fan in parallel to the power supply and led.

Step 5: Placing and Power

You can hang it anywhere or make a u turn iron chesis and attach that to led and place any where..
For power supply cut the charger pin and solder it to the led supply.

Be careful while choosing charge it must b output rating of 5volt with 1amp.

By mesuring with multimeter in led running condition voltage is 5volt dc with 1.02amp which is max output got from charger

I had one that kind of light for my backyard roof..

You can cover it with reflectors which is made by wrapping aluminum food foil paper with glue and tape and tied by wire becoz tht long life as led have .

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    Zen Innovations
    Zen Innovations

    5 years ago

    LEDs should mounted on heatsinks. Just fan will offer little help.

    Also resistors or driver should be used to limit current.


    7 years ago

    Does it need any electronics circuit?