Introduction: 2 Best Ways of Hiding Things in the Garden

Hi, this is my first Instructable and in this, I am hiding valuables in the garden by making secret compartments! If you like this, please do vote for my instructable, I would be really grateful to you...:) Hiding valuable items isn't always so easy, many hide them under furniture, inside desks and cabinets and whatnot. So, why not hide stuff in the garden? Awesome idea, right? So without any further delay, lets dive right into the two best garden hiding ideas I could find.....


We are going to need these things for our super secret project:

  • Two empty and small plastic or glass bottles with a good and tight lid.
  • A garden or plant pot to hide the stuff in.
  • A thing you wanna hide.(you don't wanna hide empty bottles right?)
  • Glue. (yup, its some sticky mess)
  • A few rocks. (probably the ones you use to decorate your garden)
  • A vote for my project (i'm kidding, vote if you like it)

Step 1: (Project 1) Put the Valuable Item Inside the Bottle

Get your bottle and put the thing you wanna hide inside it. Then close the lid tight.....

Step 2: (Project 1) Dig Hole in Soil and Put the Bottle Inside

You now need to dig a hole in the ground or plant pot to bury your treasure inside. After digging a hole, push your bottle fairly deep inside. It shouldn't be too deep but it shouldn't be much detectable either......

Step 3: (Project 1) Cover Your Bottle With Soil

Now cover your bottle with soil and Voila! you're done with the first project here. I know we have gone old fashioned in the hiding technique here as we literally buried our treasure but if you know where you have hidden your treasure and you have buried it well. No need to worry as now your treasure is safe as only you know where it's buried!
I hope you enjoyed doing this....

Step 4: (Project 2) Glue the Container Lid to a Rock and Put Your Treasure Inside the Bottle

Here, for the second project, get another bottle and glue its lid to a rock and let dry. On the other hand, put your money, key or treasure inside the bottle. Make sure the glued lid doesn't fall off and it is easily put back on the top of the container.

Step 5: (Project 2) Push the Disguised Rock Into a Hole in the Soil

Now make a hole in the soil in accordance with the width of the container and push the container inside it. Try not to make it stand out by putting a layer of soil along the rock which is glued to the lid and then placing a few more rocks around it. Congratulations! You are now done with the project. Please try to make it and share it with me. So easy yet so astonishing a place to hide right? I hope you like it. :)

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