Introduction: 2 Face Mat-Pillow DIY

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Step 1: What You Need

Mats (I used the classic English bar mats)


Fishing line


Step 2: How to Proceed?

Spread a mat above the other.

I recommend sewing just under the flap of the pad.

Begin to sew the 2 long sides.

Now sew also one of the shorter sides.

(I used the fishing line because it is more durable than cotton and is also transparent)

Step 3: Turn Over

When you have finished sewing the three sides, facing the mats as if they were a sock.

Step 4: Filling

Now fill the bag just created with the foam (I used an old pillow).

I suggest you press each time you add foam so the pillow will become more swollen and soft.

Step 5: Close

Turns on themselves the two edges of the pillow.

To stop everything and be able to sew quietly, it temporarily freezes the two edges with clothespins.

Step 6: Et Voilà ;)

This is the final result.

You can use other types of fabric to your taste.

Let me know if you like it :)