Introduction: 2 Simple Decorations for Halloween

This year, given no access to shops for Halloween costumes or decorations, I wanted to make simple crafts with Halloween vibes to display on my desk by myself. Considering that I don’t have many materials for craft use at home, I came up with two simple crafts that could be made out of the least materials shortly, which are:

  1. Mummy Mug
  2. Paper Pumpkin


Craft 1: Mummy Mug

  • White-colored mug
  • Worn-out t-shirt
  • Tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors

Craft 2: Paper Pumpkin Decoration

  • Orange and green colored papers - I used 16cm x 16cm sized papers, but the size does not matter
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • Staplers
  • Marker or pen

Step 1: Making the Mummy Mug

  1. First, I gathered all the materials and tools I needed.
  2. Using scissors, I cut the worn-out white t-shirt into many strips.
  3. When doing so, I made cuts through the sewing line at the bottom with a scissor, but then just ripped the cloth into strips by had to ensure that they looked rough and different in lengths and sizes.
  4. I attached the strips of cloth on to the mug. I first taped one end with transparent tape and surrounded the mug. When taping the other end, I hid it under the other strip so that the tape would not be seen externally. At about ¾ point from the bottom, I did not attach a strip to draw the eyes of the mummy.
  5. Finally, I drew the eyes of the mummy with a permanent marker.

Step 2: Making the Paper Pumpkin

  1. First, I gathered all the materials I needed for making the paper pumpkin.
  2. I folded the square sized orange origami paper into eight pieces with equal widths and lengths. Using scissors, I cut the paper into eight pieces following the fold lines.
  3. Then, I arranged the pieces of cut paper into star formation and glued them together using the paper glue. To make sure that they are glued well together, I clipped the part with a wood clip.
  4. When the strips were finely glued, I stapled the center (the part when all the strips are glued) and drew a pumpkin faced at two strips next to each other.
  5. I gathered opposite ends of each strip and stabled them on the other side, forming an oval-shaped sphere.
  6. Finally, I cut the leaves out of the green origami paper and attached and glued them at the top of the paper pumpkin.

Step 3: Done!

The mummy mug is a good use for many purposes, especially as a pencil holder on a desk. The paper pumpkin is used to place my AirPods case in. But it could be used for keeping other stuff as well through its openings, like chocolates!

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