Introduction: 2 Hour Game of Thrones Cake Hack for About £10

Hi there this is my 1st instructible I was looking at this for a while Just because its cool( ) So I cant take any credit for the idea .
I ordered a normal birthday cake for my wife, but due to illness they phoned me two days before and said there was no cake !
My wife went out to work for a half day , I shot off the the supermarket to buy a cake...but they were all Sponge Bob/ Power Ranger Kids stuff 
Then I remembered the Throne cake...then I remembered I cant cook cakes

Step 1:

Here we have 5x basic sponge cakes ...lets face it most people will be drunk when they eat it and I dont have the time or skill to cook that well 
Icing sugar 1kg
Ready to roll iceing 1kg
black food colouring 
And I found some spray edible silver stuff 

Step 2: Getting Started

1st I built the Throne and trimmed the cake as necessary and make sure I had enough cake .
Than I mixed up some butter icing (google it !)
Half a pack of butter
600g ish of icing sugar 
3 spoons of milk 
and I found some vanilla essence and some red dye in the cupboard so bunged that in too .

once it was the right consistency I stuck the slabs of cake together and coated them.

Step 3: Icing for the First Time in My Life :-/

Then I rolled out the icing really thin and there is more to go on top of it , It split and was a bit tatty but as long as its covered ..meh I was in a rush.

then cut out the strips of swords as in the original instructable . I used a brush and a tiny amount or water to help it stick ( which is probably wrong but solution is coming up)

I couldn't be bothered to make the sword handles as in the original one so I finished the back of the Throne slightly differently 

Now I know now I should have added the black dye to the icing and mixed it in ...but I'm an idiot and don't heed warnings of sticky ruined cakes ......oops 

So I thought I knew best and painted the dye straight onto the icing !!! But in my defense I wanted to paint gestures of swords on the sides and Back of the cake to save time.

Then I made a little dragon to sit on top ,around some kebab skewers with some left over icing  (butter makes a perfect stand for this task lol)

By now the entire cake was sopping wet and sticky....I eyed the trash can wifey arrival was imminent.....huston we have a problem !

Step 4:

Once sanity had returned ....I used my wife's hairdryer to dry to cake ,But not to hot or fast or it will damage the cake 

Once dry I added a bit of detail to the dragon and used the silver spray  

Step 5:

The only way to take down an Iron Throne nom nom 

Thanks for looking , 2 hours , £12.80 and one happy wife