Introduction: 2-in-1 Pin and Blackboard

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This is how you make your own pin and blackboard. Even when you don´t have a pin board you can use, you can make this! It´s nice as a present with personal quotes at the blackboard part and pins at the pin board part.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need to make the pin and blackboard.

-pin board


-blackboard foil or blackboard paint




-cards, quotes or pictures

- a coin

-hot glue

If you don´t have a pin board go to step 2!

If you have a pin board go directly to step 3!

Step 2: A Pin Board Without a Pin Board

If you don´t have a pin board you can make one on your own.

What you need is

-a frame

-thick cardboard.

Cut the cardboard to the size of the frame and frame it. If you can´t frame it ,don´t glue it yet.

This will work the same way as a ready bought pin board.

At the picture you can see the back of my cardboard pin board.

Step 3: Paint the Pin Board

Paint the pin board. I painted mine white, but you can take another color, that fits into your room.

Depending on the fabric you will use you need to paint the cork or cardboard, too.

Step 4: Blackboard Foil - Fabric

Either cut the blackboard foil or use blackboard paint. It should fit to the upper 1/3 of the pin board.

Cut the fabric,too. It should fit the lower 2/3 of the pin board. Together they have to cover all cork or cardboard.

Always cut out a bit more than you need on each side to adjust it, to make sure there are no uncovered spaces.

If you use blackboard paint, paint a bit more than 1/3.

Step 5: Glue - Ribbon

When the paint is dry, glue the blackboard foil and the fabric to the pin board. The blackboard foil to the upper 1/3 and the fabric to the lower 2/3 of the pin board.

Use fabric ribbon to make a line between the blackboard and the pin board. It should match your fabric.

Let everything dry.

If you made a cardboard pin board you can now frame it. Use additional glue, to make sure it will hold.

Step 6: Decoration

Now you can decorate the part of the pin board with photos, quotes, cards etc. I used pins to tap the quotes. To the pins I glued a piece of wood, a part of the ribbon and on the other a coin. Be creative, maybe you have something else to decorate the pins with.

Write something to the blackboard such as Happy Birthday XY (if it´s a present), Love you <3, or anything you can think of.

There you go - a personal pin and blackboard!

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