Introduction: $20 Media Center

You guys, like me, have built entertainment centers with raspberry pi.But it is very hard, weak, and difficult to install additional accessories.

I found a solution that turns the broken phone into an Android TV box

(I sold it $ 20 without anyone buying)

Step 1: Prepare

  1. Old android phone what has MHL output (my phone is Samsung Galaxy S4)
    You can check MHL feature on website
  2. USB to HDMI cable (The cable should have a charging port to charge the phone constantly)
    My cable named HDTV Adapter and OTG Card Reader
    You can buy it on Amazon, eBay, ... with the name "HML HDMI" or "micro USB to HDMI"
  3. HDMI cable & TV
  4. Options:
    • Keyboard and mouse (should use wireless type) / Gamepad
    • Speaker
    • Phone charger if V does not have a USB port
    • Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun (Keep your phone fixed with your TV)

Step 2: Connect & Install


  • The cable to old android phone
  • The power to micro USB on this cable
  • HDMI port to the tv.

If your phone has broken screen, you can connect a mouse to OTG USB on this cable to control your phone.


Go to Play store and install app with name "KODI"


  • Social network (Facebook messenger, whatapps, viber, ...)
  • Game (Asphalt)
  • ....
  • CCTV camera app (if you have)

Step 3: Review

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