Introduction: 20-Minute Hygiene for Littles!

Thinking about the guidelines that everyone must follow, and how difficult handwashing is for our littles, I decided to create a device that will time handwashing. Many times, our littles simply dab soap, run under the water for a second, then dry their hands on the back of their pants!

I am hoping by consistently using this device a few times, our littles will create "muscle" memory for handwashing.


makey-makey kit




rubber band

cotton balls

Step 1: Switch

I began by making a switch.

  • My switch is two small pieces of cardboard with foil glued to the insides.
  • I then glued a cotton ball to one piece of the cardboard on the foil side.
  • I put the two pieces together and secured them with a rubber band.

Step 2: Scratch Scratch

  • Use the "When SPACE key is pressed" event block
  • Then add start sound.
    • Press record
    • start video track, let play for 20 seconds, then say, "Please turn the water off"
    • Click in the title, and name 20-second timer
  • Click on Code
    • Click on the down arrow, and choose the 20-second timer

Step 3: Connecting to the Makey-Makey Board

Connect Earth to one side of the switch, and SPACE to the other side of the switch.

Step 4: Final Step

When everything is connected, turn on the water faucet. Students will need to watch the video prior to using this device.