Introduction: 20 Minute Lamp

I have been dragged round the shops for the last few weeks looking for a couple of table lamps.
The only ones my wife could find (and wasn't sure about) cost £90 a pair.
She pointed out a cheep vase in a local shop the exact style she was looking for, so here is what she ended up with.

Step 1: The Base

I picked up a couple of the vases she liked. and a couple of matching shades, the same price.
the whole project took about 20 minutes to make and saved £70.... Result.

Step 2: The Fitting

I had one of these clip lights in my tool bag, and a spare lamp fitting from an old lamp, so no cost there.

Step 3: The Bits

Strip down the clip light, Use the hole saw to cut a bung for the top of the vase,drill a hole near the base of the vase.
thread the cable through the hole and fix the lamp fitting to the bung.
Glue the bung to the vase make sure it's a snug fit.
( I painted the bung with gold nail varnish to match the lamp).

Step 4: Shine a Light

In total the 2 lamps cost just under £20 and my wife loves them.

Step 5: The Shade

To fit the shade unscrew the top threaded retainer,(just above the switch).
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