Introduction: 20 Minutes USB Solar Charger!

I was leaving for my grandfathers ranch this weekend and at the last moment I realize I need something to charge my phone. With only some components I have in my house the idea of a solar charger came to me, and it works!!! :D

The materials you will need:

-A 6V solar cell, you can use a 12v solar cell also.(I use two 6v solar cells to get more current)

- Voltage regulator 7805

-1 female usb connector, or female to female usb adapter

-1 1n4007 diode

-two electrolitic capacitors 10nF 16V

-1 ceramic capacitor 22pF (optional)


-Solder iron and solder

-wire strippers

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Step 1: Pinout, Understanding Connections

First we have to understand how everyting is connected, and what is the function of every pin in every component.

The pinout of the 7805 is in a image here. The first pin counting prom left to right is the voltage In. In here you can connect every voltage source from 6V (7V in some) to 12V to assure you have 5V in the Vout pin. The second pin is the ground, and the third pin is the one that is always 5 Volts.

You just have to connect the solar cell to the Vin and the ground to the ground.

The pinout for the usb is also really simple. If you look it whit the copper looking up and counting from right to left, the first pin is 5 Volts, and the 4th pin is ground. I will upload a image to you to see it clearer.

Step 2: Schematics

to make sure I don't overcharge the battery of my phone I use a voltage regulator (7805). this make sure the voltage I have to charge the battery is always 5 volts. Then I connect the solar cell to the regulator in and the usb adapter to the regulator voltage out. To get a even voltage in all time I add the electrolitic capacitors 100uF 16V, and that it really.

Step 3: Ready to Go

Just connect everything like the schematic and you are ready to go.

If you like this project or want to look at this in spanish, please enter to my web page to see more projects like this. :D

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