Introduction: 2006 Saturn Ion CV Axle Removal

This process should take less than a hour to do. You'll need: Jack, jack stand, Tire iron, Long flat head screwdriver or pry-bar,  Wheel puller (optional), Hammer, Rubber mallet, 1/2 and 3/8 ratchet 14mm, 15mm & 30mm socket. 3/8 extension, 15mm wrench, rag & rubber gloves (optional)

Step 1: Tire Removal

After buying CV Axle inspect the boots for imperfections and make sure it matches the old one.

Jack up car. Place jack stand under frame for safety. Remove hub cap if you have one and then the lug bolts with your tire iron.

Step 2: Axle Nut

Use the 1/2 ratchet and the 30mm socket to loosen the axle nut. Don't take it totally off just loosen it. 

Step 3: Caliper Removable

Use the 3/8 ratchet with extension and 14mm socket. Take out the two bolts holding the break caliper. It should slide right off if not hit it with the rubber mallet.  NOTE: Don't  depress the break pedal in the car or you'll have to bleed the brakes. When putting everything back together you should be able to slide the brake right back on.

Step 4: Ball Joint Removal

Under the control arm is the nut and bolt that holds the ball joint in place. Use the 3/8 ratchet with a 15mm socket and other side with your 15mm wrench. Take the bolt out completely. The take the pry bar and place it on top of the control arm and hit it with a hammer. On other cars you have to use a fork to loosen the ball joint. Once loosen place your pry bar between the ball joint and the control arm and pry down on it. Be sure not damage the boot on the ball joint. 

Step 5: Axle Bolt Removal

There's two ways to do this. If you don't have a wheel puller. Then place a piece of wood on the CV Axle and hit it hard with a hammer. Be sure the nut is still on incase you strip the threads. If you have a wheel puller then place the arms behind the spindle and the center pin in the hole of the CV Axle. Tighten until the axle pops free. Then take the nut off and the washer.

Step 6: Remove Axle From Spindle.

Grab the spindle, pull towards you and to the right. (if it's the driver side. Pull left if passenger side.) The with one hand reach around the back and grab the CV Axle and push the opposite way and it will come out. 

Step 7: CV Axle Removal From Transmission

This is the hardest part.  Place a oil pan under transmission so when the axle comes out oil doesn't go all over the place. Place the pry bar between the transmission and the back side of the CV Axle. Watch out you don't damage the seal on the transmission. Hit it with the hammer multiple times. If it doesn't pop then try other sides of the axle. It will eventually come loose. 

Step 8: It's Out, Do Inspection.

Once the CV Axle pops loose. Pull axle out and inspect the seal thats in the transmission. If it's damaged, pry it out with the pry bar or screwdriver and replace it. Place the new cv axle in, the right end into the transmission and take a rubber mallet and hit the end of the CV Axle until it pops back into place. Once in place just go back to step 6 and work backwards. Be sure to check the transmission fluid and your brakes before driving off.

This would not have been possible without TechShop and there tools. Thank you

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