Introduction: 2222A Transistor Amplifier

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Hii friend,

Today I am going to make a transistor amplifier.2222A Transistor we will use to make amplifier.This amplifier is really working.This amplifier can use to make a mini amplifier.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Components As Given in Pictures

All components are necessary to make this amplifier.

Components Required -

(1.)Transistor - 2222A (1P)

(2.)Resistor - 1K (1P)

(3.)Capacitor - 16V 100uf (1P)

(4.)AUX Cable (1P)

(5.)Speaker (1P)

(6.)Battery - 5V (1P)

Step 2: Solder 1K Resistor

Solder 1K resistor to the 1st pin and 2nd pin of the transistor as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Solder a Capacitor

Solder the +ve wire of capacitor on the 2nd pin of transistor.

Step 4: Now Solder AUX Cable

Solder the +ve wire of aux cable to the -ve pin of capacitor and then connect -ve wire of aux cable to the 3rd pin of thr transistor.

Now AUX Cable connection is completed.

Step 5: Connect Speaker to the Circuit

Connect -ve wire of speaker to the 3rd pin of the Transistor.

Step 6: Now Connect a Battery

Now we have to connect a 5V battery to this circuit.

Connect +ve wire of battery to the 1st pin of transistor and -ve wire of battery to the remaining speaker wire.

This amplifier circuit we can use to make a mini amplifier.

Step 7: Amplifier Is Ready

Now this amplifier is ready to play can play songs by aux cable.

you can also play songs by laptop,desktop,mobile phones,mp3 player etc.

Thank you