Introduction: 2x4 Christmas Tree With Concrete Base

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We made a simple alternative Christmas tree our of 2x4 and concrete!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

You can find a full materials list on our website.

Step 2: Cut 2x4

The first step was to lay the 2x4s on the floor to determine the length and width. We marked the cut lines. The two tall pieces are 6 feet and the bottom board is 26.5".

Step 3: Attach Hinge, Drill Hole, and Attach Wood

We sanded and stained all the boards. I like to use an old t-shirt to apply and wipe off the stain.

A hinge was used at the top so the tree can fold for storage.

We used a hole saw to drill a hole in the center of the bottom board.

Since we wanted to be able to remove the bottom piece for storage, we decided to use lag screws which can be easily removed. Steph drilled pilot holes, then used a countersink bit and then drove in the screws. It was very helpful to clamp our workpiece in place before trying to put in the screws.

Step 4: Create Concrete Base

To create our concrete base we found a plastic bowl the size and shape we wanted. We hot glued a metal pipe cap into the center of the bottom of the bowl. In the final assembly, a short piece of pipe will be screwed into this pipe cap, the bottom of the tree will be placed over the pipe and all screwed down nice and tight with another pipe cap.

Next we mixed up the concrete using a paddle mixer attached to our drill. We use Quikrete countertop mix as we like the smooth finish it has when cured.

We smoothed out the top as best we could and made sure the bowl was level as the top will become the base of the stand and needed to be as flat and level as possible. We also tapped the sides to bring up air bubbles.

24 hours later we unmolded!

Step 5: Put in Place and Wrap Lights

We've said it before, but it is such a cool feeling to have an idea and then to see it become a reality. I (Vicki) had sketched a rough idea of this tree and then forgot about the drawing until we were finished. The finished tree came together as envisioned in my very primitive drawing!

We like the simplicity of this tree and the features that make it collapsible and easy to store. We used smart Christmas lights called App lights that are great as the color scheme can be changed with the touch of a button on our phone!

For more detail please visit our website.

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