Introduction: 2x4 Rolling Stand

For the advance woodworker. Most need rolling stands to help with holding lumber as you use your miter saw or need that extra length for table saw. You can always buy one that's metal, or plastic. But I made one out of wood. Material list. 2 - 1x4x24", 2 - 2x4x24", 1 2x4x8", 2 metal rollers, strong wire about 3", 3 screws, 3 5/8" dowel rods and 4 dowel rods 5&1/2". Undecided about finished stain if any.

Step 1: Roller Base

First cut the 1x4 into 2 pieces @ 5"
Second use the rest of the 1x4 and cut the length so it can be attached to the bottom of the 5" pieces. Mine turned out to be 14&1/2" Drill 1" hole in center of long piece. And 1/4" near ends of small piece, 1" in. This will allow the rollers to sit. Screw long piece to bottom of short piece making sure holes are on top. Inside corner piece where leftovers from the legs after cutting bottom. (Explain in step 3) glued piece in place.

Step 2: Working on Stand

First: Take one of the 2x4x24" and rip down to 1&1/2" x1&1/2"
Second: Turn down on lathe to 1&1/4"
Third: Turn one end down to 1" about 1&1/2" down the rod.
Fourth: Sand
Fifth: drill 3/8 hole along rod to allow dowel rod shown in picture.
Sixth: drill 1/4" hole on top to allow wire to be pulled thru. Shown in picture

Step 3: Stand Base Legs

Take the other 2x4x24" and rip into half. Should now have three pieces @ 1&3/4". Cut the bottom on each one at a angle of 53 degrees. Cut a 2x4 45 degrees on both side, drill 1&1/4" hole in center and 1/4" holes at the three points. Standing on the bottom of legs attach the triangle to the top. Once all are attached place level on top drill 5/8" hole on side of triangle to allow 5/8" dowel rod. This is to stop the legs from moving out of place. Cut a 1x4 or 2x4 into a triangle, drill 1&1/4 hole in center and 1/4" holes at points of triangle to match previous triangle. This will allow the (3) 1/4"x5&1/2" dowel rods to attach both triangle together.

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