Introduction: 3-D Race Car Tinkercad

This is a very easy project to be made on Tinkerkad. I assume that you know how to use Tinkercad. This might look a bit complicated but trust me it's really easy. You can use this application online on most pcs including ios, Linux and Windows. This app can be downloaded on both ios and android. I used Mac for this project. Though the app can be downloaded I would strongly recommend you to use it online. I used the app on my iPad and found it wasn't as user friendly as using it online.

You will need

> Any PC

> Internet

> Skills

> If you want to print, 3-DE printer

Step 1: Setting Up the Paraboloid

Get a paraboloid. Turn it vertically at 90 degrees and make it longer. This would be the main body

Step 2: Setting Up the Flap

Now get a wedge, decrease its height and make it longer. Then change the color to white.

Step 3: Making the Flap Better

Then group the Paraboloid and Wedge. Then duplicate a small amount of the flap, color them in red and place one at each end of the flap.

Step 4: Getting the Middle Body Ready

Get a box at almost the end of the Paraboloid and increase its radius.

Step 5: Getting the Back Part Ready

Duplicate the paraboloid, then largen it up and take a small piece at the back. Then increase its height.

Step 6: Get the Seat and Back Area

Now get a hole box in front and box at the back. Then take the box down and increase its radius.

Step 7: Delete Everything Under the Workplace

Now use a hole box to delete everything under the workplace.

Step 8: Making the Seat Area

Then go get a hole box in the area shown in the picture, then decrease its radius and make the seating area

Step 9: Making the Back Flap

To make the back flap's stand use a Wedge, color it white and place it. Then get another Wedge, color it white and follow the same steps you used to make the front flap

Step 10: Making the Side Ends of the Flap

Get a box and Wedge. Decrease the Wedge's height and make it a small 90 degrees scalene triangle and then group both of them.

Step 11: Positioning the Flap Ends

position the flap end at either of the sides and then duplicate it to the other side.

Step 12: Making the Wheel Holder

Get a cylinder, rotate it by 90 degrees, make it thinner and longer, place it in between the body stick, color it black and make a bunch of them by duplicating them.

Step 13: Making the Wheels and Keeping Them in Their Places

Now get another cylinder make in gray. Then get another cylinder and make it like that in the picture. then join one wheel at one end then duplicate another to the other end. Then duplicate this whole setup to the back.

Step 14: Making the Seat and Finishing

Get a box decrease its height, increase the radius, make it gray, half it and make one standing to make the seat.

Done your car is ready to printed and drove around the world!