Introduction: Parthenon on Tinkercad

Who doesn't know about the great Parthenon? Parthenon, a temple that dominates the hill of the Acropolis at Athens. It was built in the mid-5th century BCE and dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena Parthenos. The temple is generally considered to be the culmination of the development of the Doric order, the simplest of the three Classical Greek architectural orders. We are not here to learn about the Parthenon but to make it on Tinkercad. If you don't understand something you can just see my video on youtube. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share.

You will need-



And if you want a 3d print, A 3d Printer

Step 1: Making the Cut

Firstly get a hole cylinder, then decrease x and y coordinates to 2 units. Then increase its height to 90 units.

Step 2: Making the Pillar

Then get a cylinder (normal) and color it white. Increase its height to 90 units.

Step 3: Positioning Part One

As seen in the picture position the hole cylinder in the main one.

Step 4: Positioning Part Two

Now duplicate the hole cylinder around the main one as seen in the picture. Then group them.

Step 5: Positioning the Pillars

Now take that one pillar to the edge of the workplace. Now duplicate and position till you have 7 pillars in a row. Now duplicate the row till you have 7 such sets refer to the pictures. Then delete the pillars in the middle, refer to the pictures.

Step 6: Making the Bases

To make the bases bring in a box, make it's height 4 and adjust to according to your workplace. For the second layer duplicate, the layer beneath and making it's height 8 and decrease its length and breadth. For the third layer repeat the same process with height 12 and adjusting the dimensions. Then colour the bases white, after doing this group them all.

Step 7: Making the Upper Roof

For this, you will need a roof in white. Take it into the air and keep to on the pillars according to the space between the pillars.

Step 8: Making the Upper Rectangular Roof

Oops, I forgot to make the rectangular roof. No problem we can make it now. For this, we will need a box with a height of 4 units and dimensions adjusted according to the pillars. And color it white. Then take it in the air and keep the triangular roof upon it. after doing this group em all.

Step 9: Making the Holes in the Roof

to make the triangular roof holes we have to get a hole roof and increase its dimensions, take it up in the air, adjust it, duplicate it, take it to the other side and make the hole. Group them all.

Congratulations! You made your own Parthenon on Tinkercad.

Step 10: Writing Parthenon

Get Text and write 'Parthenon' and take it below the workplace and done.

At last, your workspace should look like the one in the picture. If you want to print go ahead with a 3d printer. I would recommend using the Parthenon from step 9 as the writing would make a problem.

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