Introduction: 3 DIY Peter Callesen Inspired Paper Art

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Hey momoluvers! It's Momo and today I'll be making a tutorial on something I've recently been very inspired by. Peter Callesen is a paper artist and has done some pretty amazing things. His art usually includes mystery, destruction, or sadness. It really makes you think with its unique and haunting semblance so I wanted to recreate my personal favorite pieces, let me know what y'all think! Note: besides being inspired by the referenced and addressed pictures, this is a 100% Momo original!

Step 1: Supplies

1. Template above
2. Glue stick
3. Scissors
4. Blank sheets of printer paper
5. Exacto knife
6. Cutting board or something you can scratch up

Step 2: Big Wave Moving Towards a Small Castle Made of Sand

1. Draw a tiny castle. Don't make it too complicated, you want to keep it messy and simple because it's 'made of sand'. Also, angle it towards the further corner because this is where the wave will move in.

2. Draw a wave. Take a pencil and create a messy descending line across the top edge of the paper.

3. Cut out the castle using a craft knife. Pop it up so it stands out of its 'shadow'

4. Roll the edge of the paper so it creates the illusion of the water cascaded into a mighty wave.

Step 3: Hunting

This is my next favorite entitled 'Hunting' this also gives off a haunting aura as destruction is soon anticipated. I hope you have fun making it!

1. Roughly sketch a spider as shown above. It's really simple, just follow the picture as closely as you can

2. Cut out the spider. Take the crafting knife and begin to cut out the spider. Be very careful and don't rush this because if it tears, you will probably have to start over. DO NOT cut the red marked spot, I cut it accidentally and as you might see, I reattached it by pasting a piece of paper across it.

3. Gently lift the spider out of its shadow and fold it over. Then fold the legs at every bend. (Each leg will have 2 bends.)

4. Cut out the butterfly template, trace it onto the paper. Cut it out with the craft knife, fold it and curve the wings.

Step 4: Snowballs

This is my favorite piece by Peter. The artistic view is so unique and I appreciate it as a papercrafter myself. I hope y'all do too!

1. Fold the paper about 2-3" down and curve the edges on each side of the fold

2. Roughly sketch where the house, pond, and snowball streaks will go.

3. Then, detail the snowball paths a little bit and add messy curves that get larger as they progress towards the house.

4. Cut them out using the exacto knife and roll them into little balls.

5. Cut out the river with the crafting knife. Assemble the house and glue it in front of the pond.

Step 5: Finito!

And that's it! I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial and had fun making these works. Let me know which one you made and how it turned out. Big thanks to Peter Callesen whose art inspired me to create an awesome instructable!

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