Introduction: 3 Ingredients Mac and Cheese Without Roux

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who dose not love a bowel of mac and cheese? but do you not have most ingredients like flour for the roux well because you have been cooking so much during social distancing and don't have the right ingredients ? well this way you probably will have the ingredients in your pantry and super easy and yummy!

lets get started!



1 cup of mac

1 cup of cheese ( more or less if you like)

1 cup of milk

salt or garlic powder( optional )

Step 1: Step One :

add your milk to a saucepan or anything that you can cook with

Step 2: Step 2 :

add you mac to the milk and stir until kind of dry

Step 3: Step 4 :

add you cheese and stir and your done sorry i do not have a picture of this

but enjoy !!

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