Introduction: 3 Simple, Yet Cool DIY Projects (P2)

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In this Instructable, we look at 3 simple DIY projects
We will make something from a hollow brick, domino's and a CD cake box.

This is a second part of the Instructable "3 Simple, Yet Cool DIY Projects"

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Step 1: Toothbrush Holder or a Desk Organizer

I took a hollow brick that I found on the street and I draw a line where I want to cut it.

I cut the brick from all sides with an angle grinder.

Then I broke it in half by applying some pressure.

I also cleaned up the rough edges with an angle grinder.

Step 2: Toothbrush Holder or a Desk Organizer

I glued a piece of foam to close the bottom and painted the brick red.

We have made a toothbrush holder or a desk organizer.

Step 3: Paper Towel Holder

I had CD cake box lying around.

I cut a piece of ABS pipe and put a cap on one end.

Step 4: Paper Towel Holder

I put a few CD's on the spindle before sliding on the pipe.

Pipe was a perfect fit. No glue was needed.

We have made a paper towel holder.

Step 5: Domino's Flash Drive

I had a flash drive without the case.

If you don't have one, you can take apart an ugly flash drive.

You will need 3 domino's tiles.

Make 3 cuts in one of the tiles to remove the center.

I used a wooden domino's tile. If you have plastic domino's, you might need to use a rotary tool to cut it.

Step 6: Domino's Flash Drive

Glue the piece with a cut on top of another tile.

Step 7: Domino's Flash Drive

Cover the flash drive with the glue and put it inside of the domino's tile.

Step 8: Domino's Flash Drive

Close the flash drive with another tile.

We have made a custom domino's flash drive.