Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From Glass Bottles

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Bottle cutting is a greet way to recycle bottles.

Next time you bring a fancy wine bottle from abroad, don't throw it away when the wine is gone.

Perhaps you can make something out of it - A reminder of a wonderful holiday you had.

In the Instructable "5 Things You Can Make From Glass Bottles", I covered some basic things you can make from glass bottles.

In this Instructable, we look at 3 more things.

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Step 1: Simple Candle Holder

I had this nice looking bottle.

It was perfect to make a candle holder.

I scored the line with a Ephrem's bottle cutter

Step 2: Simple Candle Holder

I used hot and cold water to split the bottle in half.

Other part of the bottle could be used to make a vase, but I did not need a vase as I made one in another Instructable.

Step 3: Glass Ring

Bottle neck of the wine bottle is perfect to make a ring out of it.

We need to cut out the ring.

I used a glass cutter to score the line around the bottle neck.

Step 4: Glass Ring

I heated up the line with a blow torch and then cooled it down in a glass of cold water.

Don't heat up the bottle too much or it might shatter.

Also, make sure to wear goggles

After a few repetitions, top broke off.

Step 5: Glass Ring

I scored another line under the ring.

Step 6: Glass Ring

I used blowtorch and cold water again.

Now I had a very rough ring.

Step 7:

To sand the ring, I used a silicon carbide powder and the sandpaper.

The end product is a thick glass ring.

Step 8: Wall Lamp

I scored the bottle and used hot and cold water to split it.

Step 9: Wall Lamp

I drilled a large hole in one piece with a diamond core hole saw.

I also drilled a smaller hole in another piece (to hang the lamp)

Step 10: Wall Lamp

I sanded both pieces with silicon carbide.

Step 11: Wall Lamp

I glued a plastic bulb holder inside of the bottle.

Step 12: Wall Lamp

And last, I glued both pieces together.

Epoxy glue was great for the job.