Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From PVC Pipes (Part 1)

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It's always a good idea to keep some PVC pipes at home, because they can be very handy.

PVC pipes are like Lego's for adults.

In this Instructable, we will have a look at 3 Things that you can make from PVC pipes.

We'll make a foam cutter, hacksaw and a selfie stick.

You will need:

For the Foam Cutter:

For the HackSaw:

  • PVC Pipe
  • Hacksaw blade
  • Steel wire
  • Split washers

For the Selfie Stick:

  • 2 different size PVC pipes (smaller should perfectly fit inside of the big one)
  • Steel wire
  • PVC cap
  • Twist - Hose clamp
  • A screw that fits your camera

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Step 1: Handheld PVC Foam Cutter

Make sure to wear a respirator or heat the PVC outside!

I took a pipe bender spring and put it inside of the PVC.

I heated up the PVC in the place I was going to bend it.

Then I carefully bent it.

The procedure was repeated until the pipe took the desired shape.

Step 2: Handheld PVC Foam Cutter

The I trimmed it shorter and drilled a hole for the cables.

Step 3: Handheld PVC Foam Cutter

I drilled a hole in a PVC cap to insert an eye bolt.

After crimping terminals to the cables, I attached them to the bolts.

Then I put the caps onto the PVC ends.

Step 4: Handheld PVC Foam Cutter

I used an universal power adapter as my power source.

I soldered it to the cables coming out from the PVC (polarity does not matter)

I used a heat-shrink tubing to isolate the connection and make it look neater.

Then I glued it to the PVC with a black glue.

Step 5: Handheld PVC Foam Cutter

To make sure the handle does not move sideways when I hold it, I glued it together.

Step 6: Handheld PVC Foam Cutter

I stretched a nichrome wire across the bolts.

Because our PVC pipe is flexible, the wire will stay tight even when it heats up or cools down.

Step 7: Handheld PVC Foam Cutter

You can regulate the heat by changing the voltage.

Foam can be cut just like the butter.

Step 8: PVC HackSaw

After inserting the spring into the PVC, I heated up the pipe.

Then I kept shaping the PVC, until it looked like a letter "C".

Step 9: PVC HackSaw

I put a smaller spring inside of the pipe to make sure I could get it out later.

I wrapped the pipe with a steel wire that was attached to the table.

Step 10: PVC HackSaw

To make sure the pipe does not unfold when heated, I tied it together with an electrical tape.

I heated up a small part of PVC and then pulled it UP to create a pattern.

When the pipe was cold again, I changed the position of the wire and repeated the same procedure.

I also did it on the other side of the pipe.

Step 11: PVC HackSaw

Then I cut the pipe shorter and made a few cuts to insert the blade.

Step 12: PVC HackSaw

And last, I put in the blade.

Just like with the foam cutter, the PVC will keep the blade tight.

Step 13: PVC Selfie Stick

I made a "swirl" pattern in a PVC pipe

Step 14: PVC Selfie Stick

I made 4 cuts in the pipe

Step 15: PVC Selfie Stick

I took a smaller pipe and drilled a hole in it.

Then I heated it up and made it flat-ish.

Step 16: PVC Selfie Stick

I squeezed a screw in the vice and put a small PVC ring on top of it.

After heating it up with a heat gun, I used 2 pliers to make a "T" grip/handle.

Step 17: PVC Selfie Stick

"T" grip screw will serve to hold the camera.

I decided to bend the pipe to make sure the camera is at the right angle.

Step 18: PVC Selfie Stick

I took a hose clamp and painted it black.

Then I put it on top of the big pipe to hold the smaller one.

Now you can adjust the length of the small pipe.

Step 19: PVC Selfie Stick

And last, I glued a white cap on the bottom of the stick.