Introduction: 3 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

What do you do on a rainy day? You're bored, it's rainy and ugly outside and you have to stay inside! Well Girlspiration has got you covered! Here are 3 ideas you can do on a rainy day:
•Pamper yourself: Your own Spa Day right at home
•Movie Package: A package you can make for a gift for a friend or a package you can take right out when you want to binge in on watching movies
•Decorate/Personalized Umbrella! For this one we will show you our umbrella we created as an inspiration!

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Step 1: Movie Package

1. Gather things you might want for a movie such as popcorn, candy, fuzzy socks, blanket, etc.

2. Use your package on yourself for a fun movie experience or send it to a friend!

Step 2: Spa Package

1. Gather your materials for a nice spa day such as nail polish, lotion, body scrubs, bath salts, facial products, etc.

2. Use what you have to treat yourself to a nice spa day and have fun!

Step 3: DIY Umbrella Decoration

1. Gather your materials which include a black umbrella (for this DIY), white fabric-safe craft paint, and painter's tape.

2. On one panel/side of the umbrella, make an outline of the buildings using your tape. We made a skyline but you can use your imagination for whatever you want. Then paint over your tape, making sure it doesn't go outside the tape.

3. On the other sides of the umbrella, use the tape to go across the bottom of the umbrella.

4. Then add another line of tape an inch above the previous tape. After that, apply another line of tape 1/2 an inch above the previous tape, then paint over it.

5. Remove all of the tape.

6. Touch up in the places you might have messed up.

7. We did a skyline and stripes for ours, but you can do whatever design you would like. Have fun!

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