Introduction: 3 in 1 Tools - Peel, Cut & Present Potato With Tinkercad

A perfect 3 in 1 tool that allows you to peel, cut and present your most beautiful dishes made with potatoes or other vegetables. In this instructables you will learn how to easily make this essential tool for less than 10$ !

Attention this project can be dangerous because of the knife. For safety do not try to reproduce with the knife.


You need :

- arduino (UNO, nano ...)

- stepper motor

- stepper motor controller

- peeler (& knife)

Step 1: 3D Printing

You need to print 4 objects: the bottom of the box which contains the arduino, the top of the box which contains the motor, the adapter which allows to fix the different tools simply on the rotor of the motor and the ray. If you don't have a 3D printer you can make the pieces in wood or cardboard. The 3D printed parts were modeled from the online software tinkercad available on which is a very powerful and easy to learn tool.

Step 2: Assembly

First you have to glue the arduino to the bottom of the box then assemble the motor with screws and nuts then you have to glue the adapter to the rotor on one side and then glue a screw on the other. The wiring is easily thanks to the tool integrated into tinkercad. We connect the GND and the + 5V of the controller to the arduino board then we connect the 4 pins to the 4 pins of the arduino named 8,9,10 and 11. We can then close the box by gluing it and create a hole in the peeler (and the knife) then insert a tool and screw the butterfly nut.

Step 3: Code

Here is the code. You can change the speed with the variable myStepper.setSpeed (16);

Tinkercad has also developed an integrated arduino coding tool with blocks.

Step 4: Finish

Here you are finished. Be careful with the knife as it can be dangerous!

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