Introduction: 3 Ways to Prank Your Roommate Consecutively

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There's nothing funnier than pulling off a successful prank, here are 3 simple pranks you can set up on your roommate using their body spray. What sets these pranks apart from others is they they will be done back to back to back, meaning you can actually get your victim to fall for these 3 pranks consecutively in order to be able to use their deodorant.

The first prank will Splash them and you do this by filling the cap with any liquid and putting the can on top. 
The second prank will frustrate your victim as you will put a piece of clear on the nozzle to prevent it from spraying.
The third prank, you'll need to put some kook-aid inside the nozzle, when they spray themselves they will stain their shirts or themselves. 

Like I said, in order for them to be able to use their deodorant they will have to fall for all 3 pranks, It's just too funny. CLICK HERE TO WATCH the video tutorial with demos of how the pranks work!