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This is my instructable on making a cheap top from items around the my house. In case the title seems misleading, I'll go ahead and make it clear that it takes longer than 30 seconds to make, but rather has a spin time of around 30 seconds.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:
1) Some note book paper.
2) A tooth pick (You know how I know the tooth pick was invented in Tennessee? Because any where else it would have been called a teeth pick.)
3) Some white craft glue ( If unavailable to you it can be easily make from flour and water, just look up another ible on how to do that.)
4) Scissors (If you don't have any then borrow some.)

Step 2: Gotta Start Somewhere.

Start by cutting out a whole lot of strips of paper using the lines in the note book paper as a guide. This will ensure your top is consistent in size.

Step 3: The Long Part.

Start by running a long, thin bead of glue on a piece of paper and placing the tooth pick on it as shown in the picture. then fold it over the tooth pick and start rolling it up. Be sure to keep the paper tight so the top is balanced well.
Once you have gotten to the end of your strip, glue a new one on and keep rolling it..... do this several times, and test your top by spinning it. Eventually your top will get easier to spin.
Note: Be sure to go lightly on the glue so it will dry faster and not be as messy.

Step 4: Made It to the Top!

When you feel like your top is spinning with ease then you are done! Now you can color on it if you like color, play with it, give it to a friend, or battle them with buddies and see who can spin them the longest!

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