Introduction: 30 Seconds Brushed Aluminium Finish

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This method of creating brushed aluminium finish is focused on ease and simplicity. This method is authentic by-definition method of providing brushed aluminium finish as the method actually uses a brush. This method is functional and of acceptable quality. You can give this finish to all aluminium parts in no-time and almost zero-cost.


  1. Soft wire brush costing ₹50 /- only. It is made locally for removing rust and paint from metal parts.
  2. Target aluminium work piece
  3. Something to hold work piece
  4. Cloth for buffing (optional)
  5. 30 seconds

1-2-3 STEPS

  1. Fasten your aluminium work piece.
  2. Start brushing in one direction. Select direction in which you want your finish to be. Keep brushing direction as straight as possible.
  3. Keep brushing until you are satisfied with the finish. You are done!


  1. If you want to change direction of brushing you can do so instantaneously. It will take another 30 seconds!
  2. You can optionally buff with a cloth.

Happy brushing!

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