Introduction: 30 Watt Led Worklight

This is my try to replace the energy-hungry 150watt halogen floodlight I use for working on my lathe.
I think it went well..

Step 1: The Parts

The basic components and electronics are from
 the led
the driver
the optics
  a PVC pipe, a pipe holder, a p4 heat sink and an old 24volt fan.

I suppose that connecting the led to the driver and mounting it on the heat sink with the optics is self explanatory so the photographs are enough.

Step 2: Test Fitting

Mounting the heat sink in the pipe at the front and making sure everything else fits.

Step 3: The Holder

I took the one piece of the pipe holder,the one with the bold on it, straightened the sides and found a screw for the bolt.
 I also made an L shaped bar to mount on the wall. Test fit everything using a rod passing through the pipe with a couple of spacers.

Step 4: Tidying and Painting

Since everything fits fine, I made connectors for the fan and led, some heat shrink  for protection, some wire protection and of course some tape for isolation.
Then for some painting.Primer first and then black paint.

Step 5: Putting It Together

After the paint has dried up, I cut the center rod to length and found 2 bolts to secure it on the pipe holder. 

Step 6: Comparison

Installed both lights for a comparison.