Introduction: Led Spot Worklight

This is a spot light I made from an old led spotlight (220v gu10).I have attached it to my work bench and always have it handy to "shed some light on something"..

Step 1: Most Electrical Parts.

Well basically I recycled the gu10 spot light with materials I had laying around.This light stop working because its circuit gave up while the leds still worked.So I started by disassembling the spot light.Took out the fried circuit and made an lm317 current limiter to power the leds. If I remember correctly there are 3 leds at 300mA each. The 12 volts came from an old ac to dc adapter.This also had an indicator led which I also used.Than I found a small junction box and put the adapter inside with the led and an on/off switch and soldered the ac plug and cable.

Step 2: Hardware

The next part is the led portion. I had a nice looking plastic cup that I really do not know what was its purpose but it holds the led driver and the spot light just perfectly. The yellow tube is a spiral tube from an air compressor.I wanted a spiral cable so whenever I was not using the light,it would be tucked away nicely. I could not find any cable,like the ones the telephones have so I used this tube and fed through it a simple cable.A few holes on the casing,some washers so that the tube would not come off the hole of the casing,and some zipties to hold in place from the inside of the casing.I attached the other side with another washer to the junction box and soldered the cable on the one side to the adapter and the other side to the led driver.And thats all.I screwed the junction box underneath my work bench and plugged in the ac.the spot lights hangs on the junction box ready to light whenever needed.