Introduction: 3D Case - Soldering Station T12 Iron

After I research for a case here, and in thingiverse and other websites, So I didn't find nothing.. so nice, or just nice. I decided draw my case, in my opinion it got better than I expected and more functional. I don't know.. take a look and say if agree with me. The eletronic board station, I thought interesting because they has features like: clock, low voltage alarm, etc. Andis more complete than I finded for low cost.

Let's go!

Step 1: The Components

The main parts of that station you can bought on online stores like ALiexpress Amazon, Banggood or similar.In my case I bought on Aliexpress and the respective links follow under.
Anothers components that I not put the link, I didnt it because I had on my makerspace.

Power Supply:

Soldering Station T12:

Fuse, screws, wires, cable AC, rubbers and others.. I had.

Step 2: The Draws


1st, I drew the power supply and the control board;

2nd, I Aligned these two items how I thought would be fine.

3rd, I started drafted the case, some lines to up, some lines to down, some curves, extrude here, extrude there... and came out this case;

4rd. For top cover, I wanted made more functions than just close the case. So, I designed a support for iron and sponge for clean.

Step 3: 3D Printer Files

About printing parts.
Just load files on your preferred software and do printing. P.S.: I Don't know how, but in all my draws that I made on 360 Fusion, after, on splice software, I must give the command “mesh axis Z command" if I don't do it, the part is print in mirror mode. How I said, I don’t know how, why and where I would change this parameter for fix it. By the way, if you don't forget applying the mesh on Z axis, your print will be perfect.

Step 4: Electric Scheme

Now, is time to see the electric scheme.

Is a simple scheme, just to put a fuse for some protection, the switch to power on\off the station and one battery to save time and date.

The iron and sensors, in my case, already assembled, however I included the scheme for make it, if necessary.

Step 5: Assembly

Here, probably you will not have very trouble, or only some little.

I hope.

Follow these steps:

1st. assembly the electronic control board, will be locked in case at nut of screw on toggle switch;

2nd. the battery;

3rd. power supply;

4rd. fuse;

5rd. switch;

6rd. top cover case;



P.S. Use your better ability and way to do it, I tend to believe, in the end everything will work fine!

Step 6: Final

Thank You for your time and good look!

see you!