Introduction: 3D Doodle Picture Frame

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This 3D Doodle Picture Frame is for all the beginners to 3D doodling (like me), to start with a fun and easy project. I'm always looking to make things myself and to make my house more pretty. Normally I would make things from clay, because ceramics is my passion, but now it is time to experiment with other forms of 3D arts and crafts. Although the 3D pen tutorials look very easy, I had some difficulties in the beginning, so I was looking for a project that would allow me to be a bit messy. This 3D doodle picture frame turned out quite cute I would say.

So, are you like me, a beginner in 3D doodling and a bit messy? Then this is the perfect project for you!


  • 3D printing pen
  • 5 colors of 3D pen filament (I've used PLA, but I guess ABS would work as well)
  • Styrofoam frame
  • Something with a plastic surface to work on (preferably transparant)
  • Paper & pen
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape

Step 1: Prep Your Frame

First, cover your styrofoam frame with masking tape. The heat of the 3D pen could melt the styrofoam and with the masking tape it is easy to remove your 3D doodle after you have completed it.

Step 2: Cover the Frame With Your 3D Doodle

I've started with doodling on the sides. I've chosen an easy zigzag patern, but you can choose anything you want. But keep in mind that everything has to be connected, otherwise when you remove it from the frame it will fall apart.

After you finish the sides (don't forget the inside sides) you can make the top.

Step 3: The Back

To make the back I've traced the styrofoam frame on paper, so I had a guide for the back. I've used a transparant sheet to doodle the back on, otherwise it would be stuck on the paper.

The same aplies here, you can make any design you want.

Step 4: Add More Color and Security

To gain more security that the piece will not fall apart once you remove it from the frame, I've added another color filament with another 3D doodle design.

Step 5: Flower Doodles

Making the flowers:

1. Draw some peddles on paper. I've made bigger and smaller peddles, but you can also make them the same size. Don't forget to use the plastic sheet.

2. When they are still a bit warm I hold them between my fingers to make them bend a little.

3. Make a small round base on which you can attach the peddles.

4. Use the 3D pen to attach them to the round base.

Step 6: Make It Even More Pretty

When the flower is done you can attach it to the frame. First, I drew some green strands, then I attached the flower to the frame. It also possible to do it the other way around, but I found this easier.

For the leaves I've used the same method as the flower; draw on paper and trace on a plastic sheet. I've attached them to the frame, on the green strands. and I chose to make some simple white flowers too.. I guess to make it more romantic italian looking. The flowers are just simple rounds doodling on the frame.

Step 7: Attach Back

The frame came off fairly easily from the styrofoam frame. I just broke some connections, but it was simple to repair with some dots of filament. So, when you have the frame removed, you can turn it around and attach the back. I've just put filament around the edges and this was sufficient.

Look out! You have to leave the top part open. So, you can put the picture inside.

Step 8: È Voila!

And your frame is ready!
Just put a nice picture in it and hang it on a nail in the wall. It is not heavy at all, so you don't need heavy duty nails or hooks or anything.

Look, what a nice shadows!


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