Introduction: 3D Follower Dog*

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Currently everyone want followers in their social networks.

We show you how to make your own dog follower then you can make all you want.

This is a easy instructable that show how to make a funny toy in some minutes.

*The concept of this object was designed by Jerry Andrus

Step 1: Printing the Dog Pattern

The first thing is to print the model.

Download the file attachment.

Here you can find all the necessary components.


  • Photography paper
  • 0.25 oz Elmers Probond Advanced Glue Samples SIMILAR
  • Silhouette Machine


You don't need high programming, hability or electronic skills. You only need to follow these steps and have patience and creativity.

Step 2: Mouting the Dog

Once printed all the sheets it should be cutted with the machine.

You can use same document to cut it with the Silhouette Machine.

Import the file

Import the file into Silhouette Studio by dragging the file onto the blank page.

Select cutsettings

Open up the plotting window. We are using a cutting mat, so that optiions should be selected. A printing speed of 4 works well. Finally, make sure the "cut" option is selected.


Now simply hit "cut" in Silhouette Studio!

Once cut all the sheets we can proceed to mount the 3D model.


Follow the images.

You can use any type of glue to finish it.

Step 3: The Result

Here you can see the dog.